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US Fund FLows 02/14/2018 ExETFs

For the week ended 02/14/2018 ExETFs -

All Equity funds report net inflows totaling $1.187 billion,
with Domestic Equity funds reporting net outflows of -$2.061 billion and
Non-Domestic Equity funds reporting net inflows of $3.248 billion...

xETFs - Emerging Markets Equity funds report net inflows of $0.734 billion...

Net outflows are reported for All Taxable Bond funds of -$7.773 billion,
bringing the rate of inflows for the $2.613 trillion sector to $1.075 billion/week...
International & Global Debt funds posted net outflows of -$0.773 billion...
Net outflows of -$0.790 billion were reported for Corp-Investment Grade funds while High Yield funds reported net outflows of -$6.306 billion...
Money Market funds reported net outflows of -$1.347 billion...
ExETFs - Municipal Bond funds report net outflows of -$0.383 billion.
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